Monday, July 7, 2014

Traci sparkles in Gold at SAFELINK movie Premiere

Traci sparkles in GOLD at the first Big SCreening of her Movie SafeLINK and spent time at the event with other filmmakers.  Getting a glimpse of allowing audience to come and buy tickets to check out the her film along with a Show Us YOUr Shorts featire festival provided many great fun and audience award turnouts.
With this Traci was paparazzi blocked in the parking lot.  She found herself getting a backup to get a glimpse of her pulling out after the event.  Security finally came and helped with her vehicle getting on its way after she called and a couple of girls nicely helped. 
To GET A DEMAND IN your city for the film and chance to be part of the feature film rumored to already have pre production untitled " Working it out" movie. 

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Traci K sighted at Favorite SPOT in OHIO

Traci L was sighted by some indie ohio pappos this week...

with Chevy Covvetter Bal cap

Where you might think in and around the areas of Ohio where she was seen leaving from visiting one of her favorite spots ....The library !  She sources say enjoys when she is up to it some time at parks reading or visiting the Library.  Here she is sporting the discreet look with italian sunglasses on 140th Kentucky Derby T shirt her jogging workout pants, Traci K Collection flip flops and a Chevy Corvette ball cap.  Yes Traci drives and like Chevys.  In fact one of her music videos to come out soon we hope to see displays one of the vehicles and maybe this is it? 

Friday, May 30, 2014

Traci K in Levis for Memorial Weekend


You can check out the All American Reality Series that is OUT HERE
Traci K and her All American Tour with more posted on several celebrity gossips sites from her social network wearing her LEVIS and showing some of her past photoshoots which were displaying the assets of  like John Cougar's Mellancamp style from the MidWest.   She has also some videos remixed of mashups with her and artists like Lenny Kravitz , No Doubt and hers for the latest single " All American Workout"
Which you can buy and download on all areas like Itunes, Amazon and UK. 

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Ttaci Kochendorfer invited to events in hometown about teen tragedy.

Ladies nites and it feels right.

Local news and on the scene networks with CWTV has recently with Traci's  hometown event invites got sightings of Traci K who recently was hit by someone past holidays in the ice age winter from a car accident came when well to break a chance to share her newest album music and designs Fitstyle with hundreds of ladies to support a teen tragedy from the town she grew up In.
Recent news off CW a man is facing charges for three teens killed that crashed from her hometown, Bell brook, Ohio they say .
Sadly Traci who while struggling with health concerns did a reality TV competition on CW TV show "do the jingle.". That was sponsored by a car auto safe driving company who messed her voting online that caused her no votes. And while competing was hit and in a car accident.

Monday, March 3, 2014

Traci K at Arnold Sports Festival and armed forces video

  • Traci makes a video while meetng and greeting fans at the Arnold Sports Festival at the armed forces booth. Although she said her health pushed it since she still deals with where she can't do too much .
    She made an appearance at a very crowded festival.  Which had over 200 booths and events.  Traci is af former figure pro who has been a host and featured presenter at past Arnold Festival Award events. She was presenting her cover model of the year.  Here as if you didn't know Traci instructed and trained armed forces close to over 10 years while earning her pro status.