Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Traci K gets Therapy sighted

The last few months have been a doozie for Traci K who is touring part time when she is feeling up to it.  She finally herself just got her health care and has been dealing with severe health issues again.  If you didn't remember last season on CWTV when she was outpatient in ER in OHIO during the competition.  She has been starting therapy for her health issues along with here sighted coming from Physical Therapy while prior seen a lot at doctors.  She sports it up in a casual way with Fitstyle grunge ProLab T-shirt Red Fitstyle Hoodie and Danksin shoes with italian sunglasses and Corvette Ball Cap.  

Monday, September 22, 2014

Traci K with her Designs Star Sighting at the Womens Fair and FAshion Show

Traci was sighted to support Health and Fitness at the Ohio Area for Women.  Showcasing her Traci K Fitstyle Collection.  WhioTV displayed tons of Swag with Makeovers, Free Health Screenings, Sweet Treats Samples, Massages, Beauty Makeovers with Macy, and other stores,  Weekend Fashion Shows 

Ladies doing the dance to Win Gift Cards from Jewelers...  

Dance Floor and Food Section.  It was told Traci was on lookers at Comedy Shows VIP Private parties with some of the Top La and OHIO Comedians with FAshion and Music.  Her Music featured but was seen in Front Row checking out Bridal Fashion.  Not sure what that means cause nothing told of any Exclusive HOT Guy in sites.  This is a Mystery.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Traci celebrates birthday this month


sign her card  for a chance to win a gift.  We are not sure on the festivities yet.... rumor was she was going to try with family but heard there was tension..  

Traci. movie has had pre production  and seeking more actors  in parts..she hopes to get some pros but we are not sure since it require more support in filming  from community...MOVIE

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Traci leaving from working out in Centerville, Ohio

I guess Traci has been trying to get some physical therapy  and retail therapy.  After the bump from CWTV star show she was seen using some incentatives for therapy and seen leaving the gym and shops.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Art on the Commons displays Traci K Art Work

Big event for Artists that came out to check out music and arts.  Amongst them was on the SCENE to promote her arts and film was Traci K.    Where she spoke to Dayton City Paper and local radio.  The event had over 100 vendor and music on the water with great fun for everyone.  Traci K was stopped and asked to paint on their Big Campus that will be displayed and put on in their Facility.  Along with others getting photos with her.  She stopped by to check out the Little Tiny Dancers of girls in their cute toos performing for the crowd.   


Monday, July 7, 2014

Traci sparkles in Gold at SAFELINK movie Premiere

Traci sparkles in GOLD at the first Big SCreening of her Movie SafeLINK and spent time at the event with other filmmakers.  Getting a glimpse of allowing audience to come and buy tickets to check out the her film along with a Show Us YOUr Shorts featire festival provided many great fun and audience award turnouts.
With this Traci was paparazzi blocked in the parking lot.  She found herself getting a backup to get a glimpse of her pulling out after the event.  Security finally came and helped with her vehicle getting on its way after she called and a couple of girls nicely helped. 
To GET A DEMAND IN your city for the film and chance to be part of the feature film rumored to already have pre production untitled " Working it out" movie. 

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Traci K sighted at Favorite SPOT in OHIO

Traci L was sighted by some indie ohio pappos this week...

with Chevy Covvetter Bal cap

Where you might think in and around the areas of Ohio where she was seen leaving from visiting one of her favorite spots ....The library !  She sources say enjoys when she is up to it some time at parks reading or visiting the Library.  Here she is sporting the discreet look with italian sunglasses on 140th Kentucky Derby T shirt her jogging workout pants, Traci K Collection flip flops and a Chevy Corvette ball cap.  Yes Traci drives and like Chevys.  In fact one of her music videos to come out soon we hope to see displays one of the vehicles and maybe this is it?