Saturday, March 28, 2015

Traci K Collection at the Eco Fashion Show in support for Eco Friendly and Cincinnati ZOO

Traci K appeared at the OHIO Eco Fashion Show in support to donate and showcase her Eco Fashion Traci K Collection and get pics with some of the stars of the Cincinnati ZOO 

Vegas the Bird

Star Turtle crawls in Photo Booth with Traci K

 With CincyMag this model is wearing an outfit made out of Placemats.

More Photos 

 dress made out of Water Bottles Painted
with Anabelle.  rescue CAT spoiled and Loved

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Traci Kochendorfer Naughty or Nice on the spring issue of Fitstyle Magazine

LIKE IT ON FACEBOOK- contributes in Fitstyle Magazine on her latest books and music with some tips on getting your love life running and her experience.
Traci K gets Grammy nominated and seeking fans to Amplify HER

Saturday, January 3, 2015

Happy New Years from Traci K! 2015

Traci K rings in the New Year 2015 and shares with fans.   Sparkles in Pink, Purple, Gold and what appears some fancy glasses to share spirits in and a big Ring on her finger showcasing the Diva in her and a HAT stringed up for celebrating.   

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Traci K* - FANS come and rejoice DANCE all NIGHT IheartRadio Album Party

With IT being a NICE evening in OHIO.  Clearchannel Radio remote party this last weekend FANS and friends came out and enjoy some dancing, picture taking and raffles for prizes to hang with Traci K while she promoted her Merry Christmas BABY new christmas Album. And " Tis the Season to be Sexy"  

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Traci Kochendorfer brings the Cats Meow with her new Jewelry Lines at Events with

Traci K really not a big bling girl with her motto " Simplicity is the Ultimate Sophistication"  but with her casual, fitness wear from her designer Traci K Collection.  She has add some sophisticated Jewelry LINE for the everyday wear.  She was featured in Yahoo SHine Beauty and Mercedes Fashion Week this last year with her spring collection.  NOW for the FAll and Winter she recently launched her Sarengetti Line and Fitstyle Jewelry and Collection.   Traci K is already the Face of Fitness, being the Cover Model of the Year, and to include has her own fragrance for Womens and Men 
    If you know One thing about this MTV Artist and CWTV star She is into her Trending type of setters.  With noted on Yahoo fAshion about being a Trend Setter So Latest Celebrity Events for Glitz and Glamour and Holiday Glam She was there with Cincy Chic and Phillip BotZ Jewelers and CafePress to Showcase her latest Jewelry LINE and Designs.  With a special Gift to her from the Showcase.  And pamper services with Champagne and Lite Bites for Guests.